D'Vine Wine of Austin, Texas

D'Vine Wine of Austin, Texas

1501 Ranch Road 620 North
Lakeway, Texas 78734

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Mon. - Wed. 12:00-6:30
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The winery is available for private events on any evening and on Sundays. Call for more info.

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Custom Wines

Step back to a time when wine was made at home or in small intimate communities. You can experience the same thrill with our expert wine makers and can have your own wine with your own label within weeks depending upon the type of wine.

We will guide you through an extensive tasting process to determine what type of wine and which flavors you prefer, explain the process and even book your bottling party while you are there.

Making the Wine

For a very unique experience come in and make your own wine to suit your personal taste. Whether it is for yourself or a gift, it is something you will want to do over and over again.

When you decide to make your own wine, you will first need to decide the type of wine you would like. Talk with our wine makers to make your own wine or select one of the wines we currently make. Next, mixing juice, yeast, and other ingredients will make your wine – just the way you want.

We will discuss the labels with you while your wine is fermenting over the next four to six weeks to get you the unique label for your personal wine stock.

Once everything is done, you can come back for the bottling, corking, and labeling of the wine. Bring your friends and have a party while you are doing it. Our just leave it to us. We will be glad to help you get this completed.

Finally, take your wine home to share with your friends and family.

The Process

Select Wine Type - Come into our store and decide the type of wine you'd like to make. Sample our ready-made stock and/or consult with our expert wine makers to help you decide.

Mix Wine – Once you have selected the wine you want for your batch, our expert staff will begin the process within 24 hours, if the juice is in stock.

Determine Labeling - Discuss customized labeling options with D'Vine Wine staff in preparation for your next visit to bottle and label your wine.

Fermentation - D'Vine Wine vintner's will nurture your wine through the fermentation process over the next 12-16 weeks, depending on the type of wine you've selected.

Bottle, Cork, & Label - Once fermentation is complete we will contact you to come back to our winery for the bottling, corking and labeling of your wine. We encourage you to bring friends and make a party out of it! (1-2 hours)

Take Wine Home - Take your wine home to stock in your personal wine cellar or share with family and friends.

Pricing (Subject to Juice Availability)

"Make Your Own Wine" is available in batch quantities starting at $290.00 per batch. Each batch will yield approximately 24 to 28 bottles.

Our Wines

Our wines are crafted right on premises and available by the glass, by the case or by the bottle.

Custom Wine Pricing

Starting at $290.

Contact our winery for details.